Download Gravity Box 8.0 for Lineageos 15 or Android Oreo 8.0

Finally Gravity box 8.0 beta if out for android oreo 8.0 and 8.1 that will work also on lineage os 15 and lineageos 15.1. GravityBox - is all-in-one tweak box Xposed module for all devices running AOSP Oreo.

What is Gravity Box ?

The app utilizes amazing Xposed framework coded by recognized developer rovo89 which, briefly, provides interface for injecting code into any app, including system services, allowing modifications of applications and system services at run-time. One of the biggest advantages of GravityBox is that it is not bound to any specific device. Actually, it should run on any device having vanilla Android 8 (ROMclose enough to AOSP). This project wouldn't be possible without rovo's Xposed framework, so huge kudos to him. Gravity Box feature highlight: 1. Lockscreen tweaks 2. QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles 3. Statusbar tweaks 4. Navigation bar tweaks 5. Pie controls 6. Power tweaks 7. Display tweaks 8. Phone tweaks 9. Media tweaks 10. Hardware/navigation key actions 11. GravityBox Actions - interface for 3rd party apps 12. Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations) 13. Fingerprint launcher ... and many more
Note: - Samsung Touchwiz, HTC Sense, MIUI, LeWa, Xperia, Lenovo, etc. are NOT supported. It is not guaranteed this module will work on these at all so try at your own risk. This module is simply too complex to support all kind of ROM brands that were vastly modified by vendors.
GravityBox [O] has been designed for and tested on - Nexus 5X running stock 8.0 - Nexus 5X running stock 8.1 Downloads: Gravity Box 8.0 apk
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