SuperSU v2.79 SR2 Fixes for SELinux Handling on Android Nougat - If you experience some glitch in handling SELinux on Lineage OS with SuperSU stable, you can try SuperSU v2.79 SR2 wich is Released with Fixes for SELinux Handling on Android Nougat.

Download SuperSU v2.79 SR2
This thread is for SuperSU releases that are still in testing, and are not yet available through the Play store. The main thread for stable SuperSU releases is located at XDA forum here:

Please keep track of the version numbers in the thread titles, as the latest test release may not always be newer than the latest stable release.

The latest test release is:
That is a recovery flashable ZIP (I recommend FlashFire or TWRP). If you want to install via APK, it is also present inside the ZIP, in the common folder.
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