Redmi Note 3 Firmware for Custom ROM Nougat Based - Installing a custom rom sometimes will getting some issues. Wich various cause, it may break the initial firmware of the phone. As Xiaomi not released Nougat for Redmi Note 3 yet, you also need this firmware to prevent unwilling troubles in future. For those reason you need to flash this firmware. Why? If you have flashed another firmware, you probably have those issues: battery percentage not working, camera autofocus not working, low signal strenght. If not, stay on your firmware caused by Custom ROMs you've flashed before.

This kind action is also some short of resetting the phone firmware to it's original state. Of course firmware it's up to date with latest changes from Xiaomi. You may wonder there's no emmc_appsboot.mbn. The reason is there is no reason to flash nootloader every time. And by this way, your cuurent phone bootloader state stay still and unchanged. It mean if your phone is unlocked, it still remain unlocked.

To note

This firmware commonly used for preflashing before Installing any Nougat based Custom ROM for example: LineageOS 14.1 ROM.

Download Updated CM14/14.1 firmware for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Choose firmware files matched with your devices below

Installing Redmi 3 Note Nougat

This instalation need TWRP recovery, and latest TWRP mod by TheStrix is recomended for the best result.

Put the firmware you've downloaded into your phone storage.

Reboot your Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 into TWRP recovery

Choose Install menu, locate your firmware and select the firmware and slide at the bottom to right.

Do a factory reset (data, cache and dalvik-cache)

And now you can continue proceed to installing Custom ROM Nougat based you desire.

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