How to Create Nandroid Backup Using Custom Recovery - Hi, some of you readers, are mostly have know how to create a nandroid backup already. If you alredy know how, then please don't read along. Search your Lineage OS ROM for your Android devices. And whom you still continue reading, we'll give you the tutorial.

Before head, we'll give you a light bulb about what is nandroid and how it works. So you wouldn't confuse this matter. Well, nandroid was come from NAND. This NAND is a form of flash memory wich is the permanent storage used in any Android devices. Thus this mean nandroid is a name of permanent storage of an android devices.

NANDroid is a de-facto standard directory structure for storing Android system backups. Nandroid is a utility, accessible through Recovery Mode, that allows you to backup your phone and restore to the exact condition at backup. see more here

From there, the light-bulb in Your brain getting bright isn'it?

So, the act of nandroid backup is performing a backup of your NAND. It's mean you will have a backup the whole thing inside these flash storage (nandroid). In other word, All information, data or even the system you've been used before will be stored save. And if you want to recover that backup, you'll have anything stored perfectly the same. Including your password, app and its data, system configuration, and your schedule on dating your girlfriend. Wonderfull, right?

In the earlier time, we only know ClockmodWork (CWM) recoveries wich can doing a nandroid back-up. Since then many custom recoveries have promoted but still using CWM as it base. We can name it for example Carlive Recovery and Philz Recovery. But then TeamWin Recovery Project a.k.a TWRP shows up ttheir different method. It slowly they got more favorable used than others.

Okay, you can choose wich recovery you would to use. No matter wich one you'll choose the step is always the same more or less. And we will explain one by one how to use each custom recoveries. There are several ways to install custom recovery, but we will talk later.

Team Win Recovery Project - TWRP

This is my personal favorite Custom Revovery, not our (lineageOSrom writer) favorite.

The first step is to boot your phone into recovery mode. Every device will have specific button combination. In general, TWRP mostly used the [power] and [vole up] and [volume down] pressed at the same time for sort of period (in secconds). You'll need to power off completely before doing this.

In TWRP mode, we mean you entering recovery mode with TWRP installed. You will get the main menu. Wich is consists of some button.

Because this time we need to do a backup, then you can choose Backup menu button by tapping it.

This action will show you the list of all available partitions to backup-ed.

The most important things is Boot and System partition. Check both partitions.

And as we said it before, you also can select another partition. For the second priority is Efs partition if its available and Data partition if you want to backup your account and dating schedule :p

The last action is swiping the indicator bar button to right side to perform nandroid back-up. Wait until it completed.

And if you need to restore (this is our main reason to do nandroid backup) pres back button until you see the main menu.

Press/tap on the Restore menu button, choose wich partition(s) you want to restore. And again swipe the indicator bar button to comlnfirm.

Yes, you're done. It so easy to do nandroid backup using TWRP, isn't it?

ClockworkMod Recovery - CWMR

Until now, clockmod work still used by majority Android devices user. Not to tell, this is the first and most ised in meantime. We also use it for several devices wich is not supported by TWRP. For example some of mediatek phones.

To boot to CWM recovery mode it's also have different button combinations, for samsung devices, it's using [power] + [home] + [volume down], but for another devices usi g only two button combination [power] + [volume up] or [power] + [volume down].

Inside CWMR mode, find the Back-up and Restore menu, tap it. Select Backup menu apeared. And choose wether internal or external storage.

Now make a nandroid backup. You're done.

To restore what was you backed-up, chose the same menu and select Restore option. Choose where was you did backed-up your devices, external or internal.

Philz Recovery - PhilZ

Not much to say, it is have no different with CWMR. As it based on those. You can do nandroid backup with PhilZ recovery excactly the same as steps for CWM recovery.

That's it! If you have a question related to this post the ask it, why bothered by other readers, they aren't your mom.

What? Your phone exploded? That's not my concern dude. Buy a new phone instead of complaining us. Good byeee..

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