How To Install Busybox 7.1.1 (arch32/64) for Lineage OS 14.1 - The standard busybox installer apps, will (obviously) install busybox 32 bit binary only. Off course it's okay for ROM wich is still using 32 bit architecture. But how if your rom build was based on 64bit architecture? Then it will some case break specific operation.

So if you want to perfectly use of busybox binary on your 64 OS, then you should consider installing 64 bit busybox binary. This course will show you how to install 64bit busybox binary on any custom rom not only Lineage OS, wich using 64 bit architecture. Oh yes, you can choose 32 bit installer as well if your ROM was 32 bit architechture based.

It is also common fault if you using systemless SuperSU, it will break. It will break. This busybox installer will mounting the su.img and running in embedded mode is borrowed from the SuperSU project. So it will not break anything.

So how we can install busybox inside the Lineage OS 14.1? Let's follow these instruction:

1. Download Busybox Zip Installer

Maybe you will say if installing Busyibox binary with Busybox Pro or another Busybox Installer such as Meefik's busybox installer will make it easier. But, you alrwady read what was i mentioned beforehead, didn't you?

So, we suggest you to install busybox by installing busybox with TWRP recovery using flashable zip installer. Here the busybox zip installer 7.1.1 files, don't need to choose one match with your ROM architechture, just flash it!

All the attached installers will wipe any previous busybox installations found in /system or /su. The installers will automatically detect 32/64 bit arch and install the appropriate binary because this include Busybox Cleaner.

Source: XDA-developers

2. Make a TWRP backup, backup and backup!

This is for the worst scenario. Back-up your whole current ROM include system, boot and data partition with TWRP Recovery and move to saver place, not insidinstaller internal storage. Off course you can skip this if you confidence enough with what your doing. I always skip this though, because i don't have any important data inside my phone.

3. Installing Busybox with TWRP recovery

Now, you are ready.

Transfer your busybox zip installer into internal/external storage.

Put your phone into recovery mode (TWRP) Choose Install from main menu, then navigate to busybox zip you've transferred before. Select it.

Now swipe the button at the bottom to the right side to confirm flashing.

Wait till it completed. You don't need to wipe dalvik/art and cache. Reboot to system.

Now you've done! You can check if it installed or not by opening local terminal (terminal emulator) and type su enter and type again busybox if instalation proccess was right, you cam see busybox version on the terminal.

Congratulation! You've succeded instaling Busybox on your Lineage OS 14.1 or another Android Nougat Custom ROM.
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