Download New Lineage OS Boot Animation for Any Devices - Maybe You bored waiting whe your devices will get officially gets Lineage OS. Or at least, unofficiall could get trough to your phone. But hey, wait, there's a new LineageOS boot animation available. Did you know it?

Lineage OS is under development stage and is soon enough to the official release. Till then we were tracking their activities on Github and today they updated thir repository with the new boot animation. We download those part and created the new boot animation into a zip so that your lovely phone can taste the animation before anyone else can.

So here comes the steps to install the new LineageOS boot animation.

Keep backup of your old animation. LineageOSrom will not takes any responsibility of your device getting bliwn up or any problems appear. Then we declarated "YOU ON YOUR OWN" don't blame me for your doing. You're not KID anymore, ain't you?

Root access is needed. Recomended reading : Enable Native Root on Lineage OS or replace it with SuperSu

Folllow theese quick step;

Download the boot animation file.

Lineage OS Boot Animation

Open any root explorer and grant root permission.

Head to System > Media folder.

Rename current to

Place your new downloaded ( in first step.

Reboot to see the canges.

Enjoy the new LineageOS boot animation until we come with something great for you.

So, have you done it? Tell us!
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